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1. …you answer “Err…Rock” when someone asks you what music you listen to, coz they wouldn’t know what metal is anyways.

2. …you open your cupboard and there isn’t a single non-band tshirt.

3. …all the decisions that you take in your life are the choices that are most “Metal”.

4. …while walking down the road you randomley start to do high pitch screaming or death growling.

5. …you can spend an entire month listening to every metal song you have, back to back without repeats.

6. …you hate some subgenre of metal.

7. …you are aware metal has subgenres.

8. …you can play air guitar and get all the notes right.

9. ….you randomly do double bass patterns with your fingers on every available surface.

10. ….you can hum “New Millennium Cyanide Christ” in time.

11. ….you have battle scars from concerts.

12. ….you buy a nine track CD that lasts 2 and a half hours.

13. ….you decide to get married and go to Wacken for your honeymoon.

14….you insist on calling puppet masters, masters of puppets.

15. ….when you increase the volume on your mp3 player when someone turns on the radio.

16. ….when people ask you your favorite band you go like, “You wouldn’t know if I told you”.

17. ….when mainstream music makes you angry and you need metal to relax.

18. ….when you can’t stop a song in the middle because it would be profane to interrupt such opus.

19. ….when you slowly start learning Scandinavian or German just by listening to music.

20. ….you know the name of the band members and the studio where they record their albums and the producer. Ask any non-metal fan this shit and see if they know it.

21. ….when you can’t pronounce 90% of the bands you listen to.

22. ….when you go to a music store and you think it’s an absolute travesty that Nickelback is right next to Nile.

23. ….you have no idea what any of the lyrics to some of your favorite bands are actually saying.

24. ….even though you don’t know the language, you try to sing along anyway, making “words” that are at least close to the sounds you’re hearing, but probably make you sound like a complete idiot if you’re were around a native speaker.

25. ….when you are listning songs on ur mp3 player, you look pissed off and start using your hands rapidly while listening to the song.

26. ….when you go to sleep every night listening to stuff that could wake up the dead from there graves.

27. ….when your friends are talking to you but you just pretend to listen and nod your head while listening to the CD that’s playing instead of them.

28. ….you hear rap, you have to leave the vicinity, from fear of dying from high blood pressure.

29. ….you see a bright sunny day and get depressed, and then see a cloudy gloomy day and are as happy as can be.

30. ….you turn down a dinner and movie with a hot girl because you’re waiting for a torrent to finish downloading.

31. ….you can’t help but judge people based on their music tastes. Come on, I’m not the only one that hears people talking about Nirvana or Korn or Linkin Park and thinks “Ha, what a bunch of faggots.”

32. ….you consider the accordion, flute, bagpipes, violin, and cellos to be the most brutal instruments.

33. ….the only gods you believe in are the Norse gods.

34. ….someone looks at your completely full 160 GB iPod and the only band they’ve ever heard of on it is Metallica.

35. ….when you postpone your marriage day to go to a metal gig.

36. ….when viking drinking horns substitute bottles and mugs.

37. ….when you want to learn German just because of Blind Guardian.

38. ….when your girlfriend threatens to leave you because she does not like the fact that you want a beard just like Johan Hegg or Marco Hietala.

39. ….you go to a music store and they dont have one damn band you are looking for!

40. ….you go on a date and the only thing close to make-out music you have in your car is Finntroll or Alestorm.

41. ….when people always ask you “Whats that on your T-shirt?” and you always reply “A band.”

42. ….when everytime you hear the word “Jackson” you start daydreaming about guitars insted of Miachel Jackson.

43. ….you have an imaginary friend named Eddie.

44. ….you complain about the fact that you don’t have enough money to afford chainmail and a sword.

45. ….when the first German city you think of is Wacken.

46. ….your mothers head explodes when she turns on your car stereo.

47. ….you know exactly which countries come under Scandinavia.

48. …when you romantically compare your girlfriend to your favorite metal album.

49. …everytime you hear a song that isn’t metal, all you can think about is how much better a metal version of it would be.

50. ….when nobody wants to get you birthday presents because all the CDs you want have to be imported from the farthest reaches of the globe.

Courtesy : Kunal Batra